Health Advice - Helpful Websites

Recommended Health Websites

Rather than carry pages and pages of health advice directly on our site we recommend the following web sites which offer a comprehensive resource for information and advice on health issues, first aid, medicines etc..

Steyning Medical Practice is not responsible for the content on these external web sites and you visit them entirely at your own risk.

Remember that all advice should not be used a substitute for seeking advice from your GP. If in doubt book a consultation.

Health advice

  • NHS Choices - includes health information and self-help guides from the NHS.

  • Patient UK - includes patient information leaflets, self-help groups and a web directory.

  • MedInfo - providing free and easy to understand medical information and advice.

Emotional support

  • The Samaritans - confidential support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair. Telephone: 08457 90 90 9.

  • SupportLine - confidential emotional support for children, young adults and adults.

Specific groups

  • Embarrassing Problems - "straight-talking good advice" on a range of embarrassing problems.

  • Teenage Health Freak - advice for teenagers and those who work with them by local doctors Drs Ann McPherson and Aidan Macfarlane.

  • Women's Health Information - information for women and their partners regarding pregnancy choices and some common gynaecological conditions.

  • Fit for Travel - travel health information from the NHS.

  • Kid's Health - kid's health from the USA, for parents, kids and teens.

  • Immunisations - immunisation information from the NHS.

Specific diseases and conditions

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