Other Medical Staff

Other Medical Staff

Practice Nurses & Health Care Assistants:

Pauline Barton - Practice Nurse (Respiratory Specialist)
Christine Syred -
Diabetic Nurse 
Nicola Ward  - Diabetic Nurse
Mandy Shields - Well Woman Nurse
Amanda Combes - Practice Nurse
Amanda Oxley - Health Care Assistant
Tracie Simon - Health Care Assistant
Rosa Domingos - Health Care Assistant


Duty team

Debbie Bushby - Minor Illness Triage Nurse
Rosie Lee - Minor Illness Triage Nurse
Stephen McNulty - Paramedic Practitioner

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are able to give advice to expectant mothers, mothers with young children and the elderly. Please phone 01273 696011 extension 4524 between 8.00am and 4.30pm

District/Community Nurses

District Nurses are based at the Health Centre. Enquiries about nursing advice and care should be made direct to the District Nurse Team on 01903 258970 between 9.00am and 4.30pm.

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