Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Patient Participation Group

The Local Patient Participation Group was founded in 1998 and serves a number of roles for the community. It holds it's AGM every November where patients have the chance to elect committee members. 

The PPG organises focus groups from time to time, with speakers addressing a variety of health issues. A health information service run by the PPG is based at the Medical Practice, helping patients find out more about a number of illnesses and conditions.

Beyond it's varied activities the PPG provides a body through which doctors and other members of the staff can consult patients' views and opinions. Whilst the PPG is not here to deal with specific complaints, it can also provide a forum for all patients to share comments and questions about the healthcare services we provide.

All patients of Steyning Medical Practice are automatically members of the PPG by right.

If you would like to know more about the PPG or wish to communicate with us via the forum, please contact the Chair, Lesley Humber by email, at or write to her c/o Steyning Medical Practice.

We at Steyning Medical Practice would like to take the opportunity to put into black and white our gratitude to the PPG for it's stirling efforts and assistance.

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